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At Hernández Dental Care, we have solutions for smiles that have suffered due to illness, infection, or injury. We know fears of the dentist and dental work are common, and that there are several reasons you may put off getting the care you need, but we promise we’ll take every measure we can to make you as comfortable as possible and ensure your healing process goes smoothly. Advancements in technology and materials provide us with the ability to restore your smile to the condition it was in before you experienced a problem—or make it even better.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities, caries, and tooth decay—these are different names for the same thing. Tooth decay is the result of bacteria and acids attacking your enamel, and without intervention, reaching your dentin. At this stage, it’s painful and requires removal and restoration. Enter: tooth-colored fillings. We use BPA-free composite resins to bring back the health and appearance of teeth affected by decay. We love tooth-colored fillings because they blend in with your smile and are safe, durable, and long-lasting.


If tooth decay has claimed more of your tooth than a composite resin filling can restore, a dental crown can get you back to smiling and eating the way you were before a cavity formed. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that will be crafted to fit securely over your remaining tooth structure, which keeps your tooth root happy in your jawbone! Your dental crown’s materials can be porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain, or zirconia, and we can help you select the best option based on the location of the tooth in need and your budget. Rest assured that each option is strong and beautiful.

We Can Bring Your Smile Back

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If an infection or injury has led to tooth loss, we can replace your missing tooth with a dental bridge. Bridges are fixed prosthetic devices that fill the gap left behind by a missing tooth. We can create and place traditional bridges, Maryland Bridges, and bridges that can be supported by dental implants for the most natural look and feel.

Traditional bridges are the most common and require some filing of the teeth adjacent to the space where the artificial tooth (or pontic) will go. This filing allows crowns to be placed, which will support the pontic. Maryland bridges can be placed without filing your neighboring teeth because the pontic will be held in place by bonded metal or porcelain framework. Implant-supported bridges are secured to an abutment, which is a cylinder that is screwed into an implant to support the crown. The implant replaces the roots of your teeth, which keeps your jawbone healthy and strong. Each of these options will be customized to blend in beautifully with your smile.

Dental Bridges Illustration

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are small titanium posts surgically placed into your jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth and support a crown, bridge, or full denture. They’re the #1 recommended tooth-replacement solution by both dentists and patients, so if you’re missing one or more teeth, Dr. Hernández would be happy to refer you to a trusted implant dentist. If you have an implant placed, Dr. Hernández can complete the process by creating and securing a beautiful crown or bridge to your implant abutment. Proper care for implant restorations can help them last a lifetime!

Dental Implants Illustration

Teeth Models

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If you have any questions about our restorative dentistry services or you’re ready to schedule a consultation with your Louisville restorative dentist, Dr. Hernández at Hernández Dental Care, give us a call today or request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you restore your perfect smile!

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